St. Louis Muscle Activation Techiques

What to expect in the MAT session

An outline:

Observe Active Range of Motion (AROM)

This process determines the most asymmetrical/ limited motion and establishes our treatment route.

Assess which muscles are not functioning correctly

Each muscle that has a dominant or stabilizing role in the determined limited range is tested to verify if it can contract and hold contraction (proper function).

Palpation at the attachment sites of the weak muscle

This manual touch re-syncs communication between the brain and the muscles.  It reminds the brain where the muscle attaches and what role the muscle is supposed to play in healthy movement.

Retest the muscle

This step determines whether proper communication between the brain and the muscle as been reestablished .  If the muscle contracts when it is needed, it has been effectively stimulated and activated.

Within this process, each MAT treatment is designed to support and stabilize joints by engaging all muscles to function correctly, allowing your body to regain healthy motion with stability, mobility and strength.


Read the blog post about MAT Explained to learn more.

rachael practicing MAT



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