The Benefits of MAT

The key benefits of MAT for the average client.

Assesses an individual’s active range of motion

  • Identifies and eliminates movement compensations

  • Addresses the relationship of all joints mechanics that allow for healthy motion

Tunes up the muscular system

  • Identifies and treats muscular weaknesses

  • Stimulates weak, inhibited muscles using both palpations and positional resistance

Improves ability to perform daily activities and sports/fitness training

  • Increases the muscular systems ability to deal with in mechanical stress, increases in activity level or training

  • Enhances sports performance by activating the muscles that support joints

Boosts rehabilitation efforts

  • Promotes a healing environment for recovery from injuries and surgeries

Helps to prevent future injuries

  • Identifies and corrects compensatory patterns that produce inflammatory effects, such as tendonitis, sprains and strains–common injuries caused by overuse and trauma


Read the blog post about MAT Explained to learn more.

Muscle Activation Techniques engage muscles for optimal support

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