Hi, I’m Rachael!

Activities are an essential part of my daily life.  My favorite activities are climbing, biking and working on getting a pull-up.

I was not an athlete in school, nor am I very competitive in activities, but I have always enjoyed exercise and valued all the benefits that follow.

It wasn’t until 2004 that I found my sport of choice – Rock Climbing. In 2007  I experienced what it feels like to NOT be able to do what you LOVE when I suffered a mild sprain in my medial collateral ligament (MCL) on my left knee. Lucky for me(not those in my class), I was going through the Chicago II internship and was able to be treated with Muscle Activation Techniques.  It took me some time to get back into climbing mentally and physically, but I am a better athlete and Specialist because of my experience.

Prior to MAT, as a personal trainer, I experienced and shared the frustrations of how the body deals with injury and muscular breakdown, and how these limitations and injuries curb what was “planned” for a client’s workout.  The workout became about what accommodations had to be made to limit more stress to the injured tissues.

I wanted to address the muscular component of the injury and NOT avoid the issues and wait for the muscles to “figure it out” which ultimately is compensation.  I had a few introductions to Muscle Activation Techniques and felt that it offered me the chance to address the muscular issues directly so I did not have to skirt around them anymore as a trainer at my level – I found that MAT addresses the muscular system in a way that was so unique and needed in our industry.

My professional endeavor and passion allows me to provide my clients with the ability to do what they love to do without the baggage and risks that come with muscular instabilities and compensations.

This is why I am a Muscle Activation Techniques Master Specialist!

What I Offer My Clients


There is a time to hold and a time to “Let-Go.”  I assist clients in the needed disconnect from the daily stress, providing a healing mind-body experience with my massage technique.


Restoring optimal motion by fully engaging muscles to perform in their specific roles while increasing their tolerance of the stresses that life and training create.


Teaching how to understand motion, building a foundation of muscular awareness to ensure that life and fitness are aligned with athletic performance and health goals.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.